A guide to removing memories of your previous spouse from your mind

In the same way that it is a task that feels like a complete struggle, getting over a breakup is that task. It is even more upsetting when you discover that your former partner is seeing someone else at a time when you have just begun to move on from them.

You have been missing them all the time, but now you are trying to find out how to quit thinking about your ex-partner when you are at the same time thinking about someone else.

These harmful thoughts will get you nowhere if you keep thinking about them. How to do that? This advice will help you stop thinking about your ex with someone else and get over them forever.

You're not over your ex if you're still thinking about them with someone else. It indicates you need maintenance, not love. It may appear like you're rejecting your ex's happiness. Your loved one is gone, like it or not. Overcoming the past takes time, but you must try. Stop worrying about 'could haves' and'should haves' Do not repeat brain events. Trust future. Following your plans and goals yields outcomes. Maybe this pain will end.

You must face your worries after accepting what must be accepted. Accept that your ex is seeing someone fresh and start thinking about all the new things they can do and see together. This will hurt your heart yet heal you when you stop fantasizing. These representations will eventually become unnoticeable. You'll be less annoyed.

Self-awareness is always being aware of yourself. Being the best, controlling your emotions and ideas. You'll know everything going on in your head, but it won't eliminate bad ideas. Self-awareness is realizing your imaginations aren't. This will halt your thoughts before it overwhelms you.

Your mental representations come from reality. Keep thinking about your ex, trying to find out how to quit thinking about them with someone else, and your breakup and sadness define you. You must now change your ideas. Stop thinking about your ex and immediately notice the first item you see. Observe the details. Being present is crucial. Activate all five senses. See what? You hear what? You smell what? Your mind will quickly stray.

'Out of sight, out of mind' works if you allow it. Your history is named such for a reason. Your ex left you, therefore take them out of your life. Break all relationships, stop monitoring them on social media, stop chatting to their friends, live in the now, be self-aware.

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