A married individual is not someone you should ever date for the following six reasons:

Being attracted to someone is natural, but falling in love with a married person is not. You may excuse adultery with idealistic thoughts and concepts, but examine the moral ramifications it may have on you and your relationship before committing it.

It may seem exciting at first, but it will destroy you and your family. Here are all the logical arguments you should examine before dating a married individual.

If you want to date a married guy or woman, ask yourself if you want to be a rebound for life. Your so-called lover would not swap their family for you, even if they are married and have children. You'll always be a playful backup, but they won't trust you for serious business.

Remember that they will never leave their wives. You may make them feel alive, but their marriages provide stability and social prestige. It will never be compromised for you.

You can devote your life to a married person, but they won't. They may care for you, but a real connection is unlikely. No progress will be made in your relationship or life.

You can spend quality time with a married guy or woman, but when you need them, they'll be taking care of their family. Even in a relationship, you'll feel depressed and alone.

Never anticipate a happy conclusion to an infidelity-based relationship. It will end badly or break everyone. You may want a life with your married partner, but spreading the news would make you a bother.

How sure are you that they will be true if they leave their husband for you? Your relationship started on a cheating note, therefore they may do the same to you.

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