Advice on how to keep your marriage alive in the midst of the shutdown

We're all going through terrible circumstances. Marriage makes it worse because the pair has comparable issues, double the impact. For some couples, marriage isn't even half as good as it seems.

Couples argue and fight everyday. Few can rant about these situations as everyone is limited to leaving. How can you save your marriage from the pandemic?

Since everyone is feeling a lot at once and lives together, you should be a good listener to your spouse. Communicating heals! Your spouse may worry about work, finances, or daily social media and news updates. Let them feel comfortable expressing feelings.

Lockdowns might cause unexpected scenarios that make you nervous or irritated. However, your lover doesn't like you because of your wrath and dissatisfaction. Avoid insulting your partner about money or employment. Invest your bad energy somewhere. Workout, watch a funny program, play with your dog, or write it down.

Some people need time alone for their mental health, which your spouse may not understand. It's important to take time apart from your mate. Plan "me time" for any time of day. This time will help you both stay calm instead of blaming one other.

It doesn't matter if you live together. You and your spouse can have distinct hobbies. If not, try some of your long-held passions.

Arguments and conflicts are inevitable. Despite your best efforts, you and your partner will argue over something. You can't control it. You may regulate the intensity of these arguments. Take a break if your arguments are getting out of hand. Slow down. After a 30-minute interval to think, try talking again. Calling a timeout and assessing the issue usually calms you down.

Marriage may be challenging, especially during hard times. If you feel that no amount of effort is keeping you from frowning at each other, get help. Marriage counseling and treatment are available if you don't want your marriage to end because to a pandemic.

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