After excellent 'first season... little doubt it will be returning' NBA in-season tournament

On Thursday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver stated that the in-season tournament and another regular-season game in Paris will "no doubt" return.

Silver addressed some of the rumours surrounding the 2024–2025 season at a press conference held in Paris prior to the game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Silver announced that he had a meeting with the team presidents not long ago to go over the trial's lessons learned and any suggestions for improvements. Silver brought up the topic of tiebreakers, court appearances

"We are pleased with the success after the first season and no doubt it will be back next year, probably with just a couple of tweaks," Silver told ESPN. After that, we'll discuss potential changes to the format with our television partners; for example, we may need to determine the optimal time of year to implement these changes. Things like those will be considered.

Silver later addressed concerns about further events coming to Paris, as the 2024 Olympics are just around the corner. In 2020, the first NBA regular season game was held in Paris.

A record-breaking fourteen French players are currently playing in the NBA. France is really giddy about the NBA right now, especially since No. 1 overall selection Victor Wembanyama of San Antonio is fresh off his rookie season.

Speaking recently, Frenchman Tony Parker—a former Spurs guard—told Silver that he's keeping him very busy. Nothing has changed, according to Silver, on the front of TV rights negotiations, which are crucial to these ambitions.

My sense is over the next month or so those conversations will become more intense as we focus on this exclusive negotiating period," added Silver. "We'll see whether we can get them done during that period or whether we end up having further discussions beyond that.

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