Alabama vs. Georgia 2024 SEC opening betting line by FanDuel.

The Michigan Wolverines defeated the Washington Huskies to claim the final national championship in the four-team college football playoff era on Monday night.

The loss was shared by supporters of both Alabama and Washington, who were both in mourning at the same time. Even though they had lost the national championship, 

Washington was in a position to take the world by storm since they were about to join the Big Ten Conference with one of the most talented young coaches in the sport.

Even though it has only been five days, Nick Saban has already announced his retirement from the sport, and the Crimson Tide have already taken Kalen Deboer, a young coach, from elsewhere in the country. 

In spite of the fact that it is a turn of events that nobody could have possibly anticipated, there is a great deal of enthusiasm in Alabama around the new hire.

In his time as a head coach, DeBoer has compiled a record of 104-12, but the Southeastern Conference will be a whole different beast for him.

Due to the fact that everyone has been so focused on the coaching change, everything that occurs beyond the next five minutes is too far in ahead to bring forth any concerns. However, it is interesting to note that FanDuel has posted their line for DeBoer's first SEC game as head coach, which will take place on September 28 when the Tide will be playing home to Georgia.

At this very now, the Bulldogs are going to be a 2.5-point favorite; but, it is certain that this will change throughout the course of the following eight months.

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