Before saying "yes" to marriage, there are seven harsh realities that everyone ought to be aware of.

Marriage in paradise does not ensure heaven. It will bring companionship, stability, and security, but not happiness and perfection. No need to cry. Life, like marriage, has bittersweet times. You'll be happy to be with your spouse yet saddened if things go wrong. Thus, while it is acceptable to expect a lot from your marriage and join a pool of joy, you must also be ready to face these harsh realities before saying "yes"

Your romantic adventure began on a great note, but it may not continue throughout your marriage. You may have great hopes and assume the excitement and pleasure would last forever, but the honeymoon phase eventually end.

Marriage is a union of two spirits, but it may still have issues. Every relationship has arguments, and since a marriage comprises two people, they will have different perspectives.

Marriage equalizes partners. Thus, in a fight or verbal argument between couples, neither one wins. In marriage, only mutual consent may resolve an issue. Thus, it continues until you both declare a ceasefire.

Change may be the only constant, but people are unchangeable. You won't fix your partner's shortcomings after marriage, so don't expect to. You must embrace that awful fact.

You'll desire kids after marriage. These will be your most cherished moments, but they will affect your relationship. You'll spend less time together and focus on the kids. Maybe your love may simmer too.

You may be the happiest on your wedding day, but you may later regret marrying your partner. You're simply believing that because of your anger.

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