Before the crucial Iowa Caucus 2024, Trump, Haley, and other Republicans endorse the candidate part 2.

Iowa Libertarians gained enough support in 2022 to become a state party in 2024. For the state party to survive, its presidential candidate must win 2% in the general election. Monday's 6:30 p.m. Libertarian Party caucuses will be held across Iowa.

Stop wasting votes. You're wasting your vote if you vote for someone who doesn't share your beliefs and ethics "ter Maat said the mostly empty restaurant.

"I don't want to hear anybody tell me, 'Hey, these Republicans care about out liberties,'" said Smith. They don't. Definitely not our buddies. Our morality don't matter to them. They disregard your body's sovereignty. Money is all they worry about."

Just one day after Trump cautioned his followers not to back Vivek Ramaswamy in Monday's Iowa Caucuses, Ramaswamy declared he would avoid any interaction with the former president.

On Sunday, the day before Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses, Ramaswamy had five activities. After an appearance in Ankeny, Iowa on Sunday morning, Ramaswamy briefed media and criticized Trump's criticism, saying it was poor campaign counsel.

Ramaswamy, who is 38 years old, expressed to the media that he appreciates "the heck out of Donald Trump" and that he would back Trump in the event that he is selected as the Republican nominee.

Trump's post was "probably an unfortunate move by his campaign advisers," Ramaswamy added. “He probably got bad advice. I don't think friendly fire in America First is beneficial, therefore I won't judge him. I won't attack him since he was a great president."

On Sunday, Vivek Ramaswamy conveyed his sympathies to Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger's family and residents. Over a week after the high school massacre, Marburger died earlier in the day.

Ramaswamy remarked in a podcast during the latest Republican debate that every school needs three armed security guards. Ramaswamy altered his mind after a reporter informed him about Marburger's death Sunday. Ramaswamy claimed one armed security officer may discourage school shootings but not stop them.

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