Bills advance to divisional round after defeating Steelers

The AFC playoff hopes of the Buffalo Bills have not been dashed, as they will face the Kansas City Chiefs in their next playoff matchup in just one week.

After a 31-17 victory against the Steelers in a game postponed by a snowstorm, the Bills will face the Chiefs, the same squad who eliminated them from the playoffs in 2020 and 2021.

Although today's victory appeared to be a landslide, it was actually a close game. Midway through the second quarter, the Bills led 21-0.

However, by the end of the fourth quarter, the Steelers had reduced the deficit to 24-17. The Bills didn't take control of the game until Khalil Shakir scored a 17-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter after receiving a short throw. 

Shakir broke Minkah Fitzpatrick's tackle, made a couple of neat maneuvers, and raced to the end zone.

Due to today's injuries, Buffalo's already fragile defense is even more vulnerable; with only three days off this week, the Bills must quickly recover before taking on Patrick Mahomes. Even with a diminished defense, the Bills should be confident heading into their home game against the Chiefs.

The Steelers' dismal season finale has raised doubts about Mike Tomlin's ability to lead the team to a playoff berth. Not using his timeouts to make the Bills punt at the conclusion of the first half and not going for two in the fourth quarter were two game-management mistakes that Tomlin made today. Concerns regarding Tomlin will not be resolved.

However, the day belonged primarily to the Bills, who proved they could handle themselves when the pressure was on and will now prepare to face the Chiefs.

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