Five summer topics the Rams must address: Aging stars and free-agent dilemmas

Philadelphia had a disappointing season as the defending NFC champions went on to lose five of their last six games. Alternatively, the Buccaneers won five of their last six regular-season games thanks to Mayfield's outstanding performance.

Los Angeles selected Goff with the top overall pick in 2016, while Cleveland selected Mayfield first in the following year. The Lions' victory over the Rams was their second playoff victory overall and their first in 32 years, ending a losing run of nine games in the playoffs. Along with Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Houston, they are among four NFL clubs that have never been in a Super Bowl

The Lions beat the Buccaneers 20-6 in Week 6 of this season's NFL season. The Lions' 5-1 record is the best it has been since 1991, and they have won four games in a row for the first time since 2016. Even though the two teams didn't play each other this year, the postseason animosity between Green Bay and San Francisco remains deep.

Twelve postseason appearances have been made by the 49ers since their last Lombardi Trophy victory in 1994. The Packers have been their opponent in ten of those, including this one.

Over the previous six games, San Francisco has prevailed five times, with their most recent triumph coming two years ago in the divisional round, a 13-10 win at Green Bay.

But the present squads still don't know much about one another. Green Bay quarterback Jordan Love has not played against San Francisco, while 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy has not faced the Packers.

When the season started, the Packers had one of the youngest rosters in the NFL, while the 49ers were among the oldest. It seems like the 49ers were gasping for air twice this season. They had a rough finish to the year after dropping three in a row at halfway.

Many of Kyle Shanahan's players didn't participate in a significant game until New Year's Eve because he rested his starters towards the conclusion of the season and because they watched wild-card games. Playing well in this game should show whether your break was worthwhile.

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