Grizzlies' The finger injury will keep Marcus Smart out for at least six weeks.

The club revealed on Thursday that Marcus Smart will be out for at least six weeks with a ring finger injury on his right hand. As horrible as it sounds, it's actually a central slide rupture of the proximal interphalangeal joint.

The 29-year-old hurt himself on Tuesday while playing for the road team in a 120-103 victory over the Mavericks.

After extending his hand to celebrate a made 3-pointer, Smart—who scored 23 points in the game—noticed that his finger was not in its typical place. He and the finger that looked to have been dislocated returned to the locker room, and he was eventually declared out for the rest of the match.

The exact damage was identified during an MRI, but the cause of the finger popping out of position remains unknown.

Guard Ja Morant, who has just returned to action after a suspension, will have to have surgery to fix a torn labrum in his right shoulder, the Grizzlies said on Monday.

After being traded from the Boston Celtics, Smart is now playing in his first season with the Grizzlies. With 2.1 steals per game, he is having a major influence on defense in addition to his 14.5 points and 4.3 assists a game. After missing 17 games earlier this season with a foot strain, he has now suffered his latest ailment. The Grizzlies' point differential is nearly three points worse when Smart is on the court compared to when he is not.

Having lost their superstar and past defensive MVP, the Grizzlies will go forward without him. The squad had just won two games in a row and improved to 14-23 as they started to recover from a terrible slump that occurred during Morant's suspension.

Even though Jaren Jackson Jr., the reigning defensive MVP, did not participate in the team's victory over the Mavericks, his contributions will be crucial going forward in Smart's absence. Desmond Bane will probably continue to play a key role as the team's primary attacking threat.

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