Here are five compelling arguments in favor of blocking your former partner on social media:

Should I social media-block my ex? Everyone asks himself or others this. People are sometimes urged to unfollow or ban their ex on social media to move on from past relationships.

Some find it freeing, others find it uncool. You no longer want to see or talk to your ex-partner because memories are painful.

On the other hand, you simply cannot generate the confidence to block your former roommate. The following are five reasons why you should let go of your ex through social media, so there is no need to worry about it.

Most couples feel extreme sadness and agony after a tough separation. Even after your separation, looking at your ex's photos or videos on shared social networking applications hurts. Even if you mute or unfollow your ex, you want to know what they're doing. Thus, blocking is the only choice. It removes their presence from your feed. True inner serenity comes then.

No need to let your ex see you on social media. One of the worst things one can do to a relationship is cheat. Think nothing of what they're doing or how they are. If they didn't care about your sentiments when they cheated, don't worry. Just block. I guarantee the most satisfaction.

Your relationship terminated for a reason. Do not rekindle a relationship that harms you. Your ex may be reviving your heartstrings, but only temporarily. Let go of all sentiments and accept that you'll never be together again. If it's healthy, cut all contact with your ex.

Blocking your ex may make you feel bad. Feelings are fine, but not blocking your ex is not. If instances require blocking, do so. Do not hesitate since you no longer owe that individual anything.

The everyday social media posts or actions of your ex might affect your mind. Stopping all first-hand contact might be challenging because you question what went wrong in your relationship. Such sentiments result from unspoken words and deeds. To eliminate ‘what if’ scenarios, block your ex when you no longer need to. This will ease you and aid your ex.

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