Here are some dating guidelines for millennials to follow if you want to find "the perfect one."

I think you'd agree that modern dating is more challenging than in the past. Everyone now knows how difficult it is to meet someone, develop a connection, and then create a committed, exclusive relationship.

This is why there are certain guidelines for dating. Doing so will keep you on course and shield you from toxic relationships. If you follow the rules of dating, what will happen? 'The One' will be considerably simpler to discover when you do this.

When you date in a traditional manner in these times - you meet someone, spend some time, start liking them, things escalate and they either ghost you or pull away - it can leave you confused and emotionally hurt. So, spare yourself the hurt and do not invest all your energies into one person -instead explore multiple options.

Today's experts advocate 90-minute dates. You may question why? This time is plenty to get to know the individual lightly and find a spark. If you spend more, your brain will become excited about "some potential". Longer dates are fun, but if nothing happens, you may feel confused.

Nobody today has the patience to spend all their time and energy on something just to find out the other person doesn't want a relationship. The dating world moves fast. Be upfront with your date about wanting a serious commitment. This saves time and lets you know the other person's decision instantly. Why spend so much on the wrong person when you want the perfect one?

Knowing someone's actions is as vital as their intentions. That's impossible to determine on a first date. If you agree to sleep with a new person on your first date, they might leave you hanging without a plan. Wait it out, chat more, and only spend personal time with that individual if they're what you want.

People now feel safe discussing their past on first dates. Actually, those are some tough chats to know each other. Your first dates should be simple. After getting to know one other, you have time to chat about your ex. Before sharing your relationship history, wouldn't you want to get to know this person?

Two people focus on each other and no one else in a fresh or happy marriage. However, a miserable marriage appears to erase it. You now like someone else more than your lover. You won't say it, but you know you like someone else more than your spouse.

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