I wish I had understood about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet when I was in my 20s.

My relationship with food is difficult. Due to early weight difficulties, I dreaded certain foods throughout my 20s and part of my 30s. No bananas. No potatoes. Grains? As little as possible.

Salads, greens, and roasted vegetables became my favorite food groups. Fruit drinks and smoothies were my holy grails. Boring, monotonous, and tasteless—that was my idea of healthy food.

Because I avoided healthy meals, I became nutritionally deficient. I lost bone strength. My dietician instructed me to discontinue all my "healthy" eating habits. She encouraged me to study cooking, and these are her golden guidelines.

I make salad by putting leaves, tomatoes, and cucumber in a dish with salt and lemon. The same supper every day seemed dull, but I discovered there are various ways to eat healthy and balanced without boring. It may be interesting with roasted vegetables, whole wheat pasta, chickpeas, and more.

Salt, pepper, and lemon were my go-to condiments for a 'healthy' dinner, but American cuisine has many beneficial spices. They'll spice up a dull dinner and offer nutrition.

Bananas, mangoes, and lychees were all things I thought I should avoid. But I've heard they are all-natural sweeteners that work wonderfully in nutritious baked goods.

The stovetop or microwave are common cooking utensils in Indian homes. On the other hand, I learned that baking in an oven is a great way to preserve food's nutrients without sacrificing flavor or healthiness. Instead of frying, try baking or roasting!

Finally, nothing compares to taking pleasure in your meal when you consume it. Your body will not get the nutrients it needs from food that you do not like eating. Put down the phone, computer, and other electronic devices and focus on your meals. Wishing you the best of luck!

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