If your spouse has been cheated on in the past, there are seven things you should not tell them.

Cheating may be the worst misery in life. Because you doubt love, others, and yourself. The breakup leaves a mark on your heart and mind. Cheating partners complicate things. Even the kindest person may hurt a partner healing from the past. Here are seven things you should never say to a cheater.

This is the first thing you may say to your partner during any relationship inconvenience. This remark is useless because most cheaters vow they'll never do it. It's probable that their ex assured them they wouldn't lie and then did. Don't you want your lover to lose trust in you again? Prevent speaking it.

Even if your spouse has been cheated on several times, they must communicate about it. They should tell you about their pain so you can agree on triggers. No one can let go of their past without accepting its effect on their future. Give them time to let go of their past instead of urging them to move on.

This is one of the worst things to say to a cheater. When you deny their feelings or ignore red indicators, they may feel that their prior trauma is their fault. You may re-traumatize them by calling them insane. Never make them doubt themselves by labeling them insane or paranoid. Don't let them doubt yourself again after their past.

You can't be imprecise when your lover asks where you are. Someone who was cheated on will ask further inquiries. Anything they consider clandestine will be questioned. So don't get irritated when your spouse asks a question—tell them it's not their concern. They may start doubting your every move. You don't want that?

People sometimes struggle to move on after infidelity, so putting them onto you is unfair. To be hesitant to show their feelings around you is harmful. Instead of accusing them of projecting, ask how you can help or reassure them.

If you two argue over something you've previously discussed, being defensive will hurt the debate. Your companion will shut down and think you're hiding something. Don't become bored if your spouse wants to talk about it again. Instead of getting irritated, uncover your partner's anxieties and identify the main cause. Solve together.

Telling a betrayed partner they're overreacting is another lousy idea. Their traumatic history has made them sensitive to small issues. If you're annoyed by their behavior, don't tell them they're overreacting. It will simply make them withdraw and stop showing you their true sentiments.

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