In conclusion, Donald Trump had a night that was a big success, however Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis did not perform as well financially portion 2 of the show.

An unexpected victory for Haley in New Hampshire would put her in a position to engage in a head-to-head confrontation with Trump in South Carolina, where she was born and raised.

It is possible that Haley was making a jab at Trump when she stated that an excessive number of individuals "are consumed by the past," which includes investigations, vendettas, and complaints. "America deserves better," she commented.

The most of the day was devoted by the governor of Florida dispelling speculations that he might withdraw from the campaign if he had a bad result in Iowa.

Although he is expected to end more than 30 percentage points behind Trump, his second-place result is not a very impressive one; yet, it is likely to be sufficient to justify carrying further with the campaign.

There are still obstacles for DeSantis to overcome: he is considerably behind in the polls in both New Hampshire and South Carolina, and it is possible that he may have difficulty generating sufficient funds for his campaign.

In addition, the DeSantis campaign made headlines following the caucuses by expressing their disapproval of the media's extraordinary speed in announcing the winner of the race. They referred to this as a "outrageous" instance of "election interference."

"The media is in the tank for Trump, and this is the most egregious example yet," said Andrew Romeo, who is the communications director for DeSantis.

Despite the fact that the businessman who made his maiden attempt at running for political office is on course to finish in the single digits, he has decided to withdraw from the contest.

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