In Lions' den, Rams' kicking, punt coverage issues threaten survival.

With a Pro Bowl quarterback at the helm, the offence is a top-ten unit. Anchored by a three-time NFL defensive MVP, the defense is respectable but far from great.

There is cause for concern regarding the Rams' punt coverage and kicking as they get ready for their NFC wild-card game at Ford Field against the Detroit Lions. Despite inconsistent play from their special teams, the Rams nonetheless managed a 10-7 record this season.

Among 32 teams, the Rams' field goal percentage of 74.4% was the lowest, achieved by kickers Brett Maher and Lucas Havrisik. They were rated thirty-onest for extra point attempts made with an accuracy of 86.5%.

In their 37-31 overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Rams allowed a score on a punt return, thus finishing the game. In a 26-25 win over the New York Giants three weeks later, they allowed yet another punt return that resulted in a score.

With the playoffs just around the corner, the Rams' coach Sean McVay was pressed on Friday to gauge his faith in the punt-return and kick-off groups.

A lot of effort has gone into it, according to McVay. So, you keep moving forward, one day at a time. So far, I'm impressed, but we must be able to go into execution in the end.

The choice to cut expenditures and not re-sign Matt Gay is partially to blame for the Rams' kicking issues. According to, the Indianapolis Colts offered the 2021 Pro Bowl pick a four-year deal with a guaranteed $13 million.

Thought they could get by with undrafted rookie kicker Tanner Brown, long snapper Alex Ward, and punter Ethan Evans, who was selected in the seventh round of the draft. The Rams signed Maher instead of Brown, who was released after training camp.

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