In the bedroom, there are seven key things that both men and women find offensive.

Sex is fun if you and your partner agree on what you want. Your spouse may not be interested in a sexual activity you are. Every person is different, and regardless of sex, gender, or age, numerous things can damage or enhance their sex experience. For more information, here are seven key bed turn-offs that must be avoided at all costs.

Talking about an ex might frustrate your partner in different ways. However, doing it during sex might be a tremendous turnoff and have serious consequences. No partner likes to hear how their soulmates sex their ex-partners. It will deeply damage your connection and gap between you.

Saying "no" is OK if you're not feeling it. However, playing hard to get when you want it might turn people off. When you want it, simply do it. If you're foreplaying, act like it.

Some individuals prefer having sex in the dark, but if your partner keeps them on and you refuse, it might be a turnoff. Starting in the dark and gradually turning on the lights may work.

Sexual hygiene is essential. Avoid confusing filthy sex with unsanitary sex. The two are very different, and not understanding the difference might hamper your sexual pleasure.

Communication is crucial to effective sex, yet chatting about unrelated topics might put your partner off. Talk moderately.

Some sex moments are just about relaxing and enjoying the ride. However, expecting your partner to do everything may make them disinterested in the future. This might become a huge issue and turnoff over time.

Sex transcends imagination. You may believe you've discovered everything about sex, but there's more. However, some people feel comfortable with a sex position or activity and avoid attempting new things. This deters those who desire more.

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