Kittle, Warner laughably debate 49ers' bye-week practice wins

The NFC's top playoff seed, the 49ers, are practicing hard during their first-round bye. Instead of preparing for a game, San Francisco's offense and defense are tracking practice performances, each feeling it has an advantage.

Tight end George Kittle and linebacker Fred Warner told reporters on Thursday about the offensive and defensive practice champions and their approach to a quiet week.

2019, we had a must-win game in Seattle,” Kittle said. We won because everyone played hard and was focused. The following week was somewhat jog-through. Today was more frenetic. Men flying, competing. The offense outperformed the defense today. Suck it, Fred Warner.

Kittle noted San Francisco's 2023 team's rest advantage over opponents, a change from four years before. Of course, Warner couldn't ignore the other Kittle remarks.

Oh, they offensive folks. Warner teased reporters. The defense won today. That shouldn't be misinterpreted. Defense won today. The offense made some solid plays. Seeing Brock Purdy smash it out there is fantastic. Just what you want from the offensive. A hard-fought battle.”

Warner and Kittle focused on San Francisco's larger picture while advocating their views. After the jokes, the two discussed their thoughts on a postseason practice week without a game.

“The [bye week] is great,” Kittle said. Kyle Shanahan remarked, ‘Continue to sharpen the sword.’ No idea. You should use every opportunity on the football field to improve your abilities, focusing on one item like your first step, release, get-off, ADO if you're a d-lineman, backpedal, etc. Not losing a step is important. I had a fantastic day today and look forward to tomorrow.”

"I'm always stirring the pot," Warner said. Always trying to get juices moving. You deposit seeds in each guy before practice. ‘Brandon [Aiyuk], we'll see. George, Brock [Purdy], you've been absent for a while. Just seeding, though. You build a competitive environment that way. All fun and games.”

The 49ers have a competitive advantage as they await Super Wild Card Weekend outcomes. San Francisco should be OK against their divisional playoff opponent behind two funny NFL AP All-Pro leads.

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