Learn the meaning behind each color of the heart emoji and how to deliver them to someone special.

Just like different colored flowers have varied meanings, the heart emoji has a unique message. Unexpected, right? While an emoji can't always express what you're saying, this guide will help you grasp each colored heart emoji.

It's the most simple and romantic heart. It's remarkable only the first few times sent or received. For new relationship honeymoons or platonic friend support, use the red heart emoji. Wait before using it after a first date.

The blue heart is bro-ish. This suggests superficial friendship. This one goes to your monthly friends or a girl you always wanted to see but never did. Use a blue heart emoji in group discussions when you have nothing to say or to check on parents.

Contrary to expectations, this one is the most popular. A representation of passionate, deep, and embarrassed love is the black heart emoji. Use it for your soulmate, but not for someone you're only seeing on a casual basis.

Indeed, this is the coward's scarlet heart. This is usually used by male partners who want to send a red heart but lack the nerve. It works well in situationships, when you behave like lovers only when necessary. Limit use otherwise.

We'll warn frequent users that this is a lusty emoji. In family group conversations, your grandparents usually use a purple heart. These two vastly different purple heart emoji translations only indicate chaos. You may booty-call shamelessly with it. Not for someone you just met's parents.

This is used by frequent volunteers. Despite its green color, it has no environmental meaning. Green hearts can be used for junior acquaintances or pals. Avoid using it for someone you wouldn't invite to LinkedIn.

This heart emoji has a soothing vibe. If your love connection is veering toward friendship, or if you're in a familiar relationship, this might work.

As far as appearances go, this one could be spare and uncluttered. In the aftermath of a loss, the white heart emoji conveys support. However, if you wish to use it to commemorate a pet's passing, sending a white heart won't be effective. If you want to express your affection for a pet, a red heart is the way to go.

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