Lions supporters boo 12-year QB Matthew Stafford.

On Sunday, not even Matthew Stafford anticipated such a kind reception in Detroit.

The next time people will cheer for Stafford, it will be probably when he enters the ring of honor for the Detroit Lions. In his twelve seasons as the quarterback for the Detroit Lions, he provided the club with many memorable moments.

His two Super Bowl victories with the Los Angeles Rams two years ago were heavily supported by Lions supporters. What, though, about rooting for the other club throughout the 30 years leading up to their first home playoff game? Fail miserably.

A nail-biting 24-23 victory against Stafford's Rams gave the Lions supporters what they wanted. Upon Stafford's Sunday arrival on the field with the Rams' offense, the booing were audible and resounding.

The internet went into overdrive after that, with many people asking how Lions supporters could so loudly reject a player who had been so instrumental in their team's success and who was also involved in their community

 However, it was not a very personal matter. Earlier this week, Stafford said that he was uncertain about what to anticipate.

"To tell you the truth, I'm not expecting anything," he stated, as reported by Rams Wire. Friends and relatives have asked me this question twice. For me, the most important thing is to just do it, no matter what it is. I know the value that the Detroit community and its residents brought to my life, my work, and my loved ones. I want them to feel the same way. On the other hand, I'm not naive; I know I'm the villain making a grand entrance.

 I'm not on your side. They have no interest in my accomplishment. So, it doesn't matter what occurs. I intend to go try it out for myself, play the game. Now, when the ball is snapped, we can go, guy. Come on, let's see what happens when two solid football teams clash. Even in a playoff game against the Lions, Stafford is still well-liked by the majority of Lions supporters.

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