Marvin Harrison Jr. enters 2024 NFL draft. That affects Bears' choice

Everyone knows now. Marvin Harrison Jr., a gifted wide receiver for Ohio State, is available to the Bears if they so want. Harrison Jr. formally entered the NFL Draft on Thursday.

The decision does not come as a surprise to anyone, as Harrison Jr. has long been anticipated to go from college for the pros. 

Some have even gone so far as to call Harrison Jr. the most gifted player available at this year's draft, solidifying his position as a top-three choice.

Harrison Jr. probably wouldn't be the first overall choice if the Bears were to take him. Nearly every year, the best quarterback or pass rusher drafted takes that spot. 

To find the last instance where a quarterback or edge rusher did not go off the board first, you had to travel back to 2013, when offensive lineman Eric Fisher was selected with the first overall choice. 

In 1996, the Jets picked wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson with the first overall pick. That was the last time a receiver went that high. The year that Marvin Harrison Jr.'s dad was picked by the Colts seems to be a coincidence.

In principle, the Bears may restock their draft position by one or two spaces in order to choose Harrison Jr. The Bears would immediately have a top-tier receiving tandem if they paired the impending rookie wide out with DJ Moore.

Harrison Jr. caught 155 passes for 2,613 yards and 31 touchdowns in 38 games played at Ohio State.

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