(Part-1) A December fundraising push nets Biden and Democrats $97 million for 2023.

Washington — A star-studded December fundraising blitz helped President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee raise more than $97 million in the final three months of last year, even as the political world focused on the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

The Biden campaign claimed Monday that it raised $235 million from April to 2023 and ended the year with $117 million in cash, the most of any Democratic contender at this time in the race. It reported over 520,000 contributors gave 926,000 plus in the quarter.

“This historic haul — proudly powered by strong and growing grassroots enthusiasm — sends a clear message,” Biden's reelection campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said. 

Our democracy and hard-fought basic rights and liberties are at danger in 2024, and these data show the American people realize.

The president has campaigned on safeguarding democracy and denouncing Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” movement as dangers to the nation's foundational principles. 

Trump is the early frontrunner in the GOP primary, which begins with Iowa's vote on Monday. The Biden team claimed that he and his top primary challengers had spent $100 million on advertising in Iowa alone.

On Friday, Biden visited three Pennsylvania establishments to argue that his policies had boosted the economy and small business

It was a departure from his customary remarks, which stress how his economic programs have created robust jobs despite voter-unsettling inflation.

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