If Mike McCarthy is in hot water, I should be in hot water, too, Dak Prescott.

Sunday, Dallas' Dak Prescott threw for 403 yards and three scores with two interceptions, leading to 510 yards for the Cowboys. Statistics may be misleading.

In garbage time, the Cowboys amassed 216 yards, including 210 yards from Prescott's throwing and two passing scores, as they trailed 41-16 entering the fourth quarter.

I was terrible tonight. It was that, Prescott declared. We started it late, but at that time, it didn't matter. Chose to fight. That's the extent to which my expertise extends

However, the most important thing is to win, and more specifically, to win in the playoffs and to reach the championship game. Ugh, that's tough.

In their 48-32 playoff loss to the Packers, the Cowboys allowed more points than any other team in franchise history.

I used the word "stunning" numerous times during owner Jerry Jones' 10-minute postgame media conference to describe the outcome. This has cast question on the future of coach Mike McCarthy as well.

Even though McCarthy still has one year left on his deal, the humiliating defeat on Sunday would make his three straight 12-win regular seasons seem insignificant. “I don’t have anything scheduled with McCarthy yet,” Jones stated.

"That's not set in stone," Jones stated. I was hoping to meet up with him tomorrow to review today's game and prepare for next week. It was intended to be that way. My plan for tomorrow is to fire the entire squad. As an aside, Prescott did indeed vote of confidence in McCarthy.

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