Robert Kraft describes how Bill Belichick's authority made him quit.

When Bill Belichick announced that he and the Patriots were “parting ways,” the vagueness suited.

What position is Belichick relinquishing, whether he was fired, resigned, or mutually agreed?

A six-Super Bowl-winning Patriots coach is leaving. Their top HR officer, general manager, salary-cap guru, and top decision-maker are also leaving. That scope of responsibilities led Belichick to leave.

“When you have someone like Bill who's had control over every decision, every coach we hire, the organization reports to him on the draft and how much money we spend — every decision has been his, and we've always supported him

Kraft said in a second media conference Thursday afternoon after Belichick's. To take part of that authority and give it to someone else, responsibility is vital to me in any company. If someone else takes his job, it will cause uncertainty.

Belichick's game-planning and coaching fires continue as his 72nd birthday approaches in April. He remains the NFL's greatest defensive strategist.

 However, his recent coaching staff and personnel moves aroused questions. Could Belichick continue as head coach and relinquish personnel control?

When questioned Monday morning, Belichick replied, “Look, I'm for whatever, collectively, we decide as an organization is the best thing to help our football team. I rely on many individuals to aid me with my numerous duties. If someone has the last say, I rely on many others.

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