(Part-1) Sen. Joe Manchin warns a second term for Trump would undermine US democracy.

Days after announcing he wouldn't run again, Sen. Joe Manchin warned Wednesday that one additional term for former President Donald Trump would “destroy democracy in America.”

Manchin made the comments during a news call with West Virginia media amid rumors of a third-party presidential bid. Trump's home state supporters backed him in the last two presidential elections.

The moderate West Virginia Democrat said Wednesday he would never be a “spoiler” who helped elect another candidate. He pledged to save the nation however necessary.Manchin attacked the two-party system.

He said "These parties have taken over and weaponized us against each other." That’s wrong.”However, Manchin was harshest on Trump, who won all 55 West Virginia counties in 2016 and 2020, making it one of his most loyal states. Manchin calls Trump reelection “dangerous”

“You can’t have this visceral hatred spewing out of every speech, denigrating Americans,” he said. “The only good American likes and supports you; the only fair election is the one you win; the only laws apply to everybody but you

Manchin called Democratic President Joe Biden too left-wing on Wednesday.After Manchin announced his retirement last week, Trump went to social media to back the West Virginia governor for Manchin's Senate seat next year.

I backed Big Jim Justice of West Virginia for the U.S. Senate, who has a large lead, so Joe Manchin will not run again. On his Truth Social website, the former president said Big Jim was fine. Manchin, a state senator, secretary of state, and governor of once-deep-blue West Virginia before being elected to the Senate in 2010, declared he would not run again less than a week before due to disgust with the U.S. political split.

Manchin, West Virginia's lone Democratic statewide officeholder, faced Trump supporters Alex Mooney or Gov. Jim Justice. After declining reelection next week, many observers believe Manchin may run for president with No Labels. Manchin is sympathetic to No Labels, which has privately negotiated with presidential candidates.

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