(Part-1) Why Patriots owner Robert Kraft should avoid Mike Vrabel

Among the greatest Patriots of all time, Mike Vrabel stands out. He aligned the edges. Took down touchdown passes. He humiliated Bill Belichick. He embodied the ideal leader in every way. Even when the Titans let him go, he'll be a fantastic coach again. I hope it's not in the New England area.

Following Belichick's dismissal, the Patriots don't require Vrabel. He was successful at Tennessee with a strong rushing attack and a mediocre veteran quarterback, and he is a defensive-minded coach. A huge organizational shift is required of the Patriots before they choose a possible franchise quarterback with the third overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Vrabel personifies the preservation of style at a time when innovation is required, even more so than the widely believed favorite, Jerod Mayo. He's ten years Mayo's senior, which means he's ten years closer to a style of game that's out of style in the pass-happy NFL of today.

While Vrabel came at the beginning of the dynasty, Mayo made her debut during the 2008 season under Matt Cassel, played in a Super Bowl, worked in television, and then coached with Bill Belichick as the dynasty collapsed. Both athletes lasted eight years in New England. In contrast to Vrabel, he has witnessed the negative aspects of the Belichick strategy.

Vrabel, a sarcastic hardass who is known to do Hoodie impersonation during practice, is the coach most like Bill Belichick in terms of style and manner. However, the Patriots would be better off without him as they adjust to life without Bill.

They should hire a young, talented offensive mind—perhaps someone from the same coaching branch as the Shanahan family, which includes Sean McVay of the Rams, Mike McDaniel of the Dolphins, Bobby Slowik of the Texans, and many more—to help develop Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels. 

If the Krafts intend to remain faithful to their chosen successor, they may still appoint him as Mayo's offensive coordinator, but in my opinion, they should give that person the keys.

Even if it were an upgrade during a rebuild, Mayo would be doing itself a disservice by hiring Vrabel.

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