(Part-2) After a previous bargain failed, Hunter Biden pleads not guilty to federal tax charges.

“We had a resolution of this case in the summer of 2023, and then things happened,” Lowell told the judge.

The judge was advised by prosecutor Leo Wise that the failed arrangement did not require extra hearings. “Pleas fall apart all the time,” Wise added, adding that celebrities are routinely prosecuted.

The judge also requested Biden to confirm his entire indictment name. Biden rose and said, “Robert Hunter Biden.” Hunter Biden's criminal processes are ongoing but House Republicans have failed to link his business operations to his father. Republicans want to impeach President Biden for allegedly doing influence business with his son

Hunter Biden refused a congressional subpoena to testify in private, insisting on public testimony. He unexpectedly attended a congressional hearing Wednesday as House Republicans prepared to charge him with contempt.

The Biden family's overseas business connections have raised issues about ethics, but there is no proof that Joe Biden misused his position or took bribes.

On Thursday's “Morning Joe,” first lady Jill Biden called the GOP's treatment of her son “cruel.”

I'm proud of Hunter's recovery from addiction. I adore my son, she remarked. “It hurt my grandchildren. The fact that it's hurting their life worries me.

Hunter Biden, 53, may serve 17 years for tax charges. After the plea agreement failed, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel. A special counsel is appointed when the Justice Department senses a conflict or when it's in the public interest to include an outsider.

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