(Part-2) Biden administration asks Supreme Court to tell Texas to stop blocking US border agents from patrols

Abbott said Friday that Texas may and cannot do some things on the border. “I was asked to point out where the line is drawn about what would be illegal and I pointed out something that is obviously illegal,” he added.

On Wednesday, Texas informed Eagle Pass that the Department of Public Safety will close Rio Grande park entrance.

Border Patrol lost access to the park, which officers use to launch boats into the river, raising concerns. The region was also where federal agents arrested and processed migrants. The Border Patrol's monitoring access was also limited.

Agents cannot access a 2.5-mile (4-kilometer) border section in the region, according to the Department of Justice's emergency motion to the Supreme Court.

The filing was part of the U.S. government's lawsuit over the state's concertina wire 30 miles (48 kilometers) near Eagle Pass. National Border Patrol Council, a Border Patrol organization, applauded the move.

The union said on X, previously Twitter, that by seizing control of an area where so many illegal immigrants are surrendering, BP officers may monitor regions with large concentrations of illegal aliens who try to evade capture.

In 2022, the Texas Department of Public Safety came in without the landowner's approval and terminated a Border Patrol contract on a Texas pecan plantation, causing another Abbott-Biden controversy.

The state's rules were questioned internally and externally after a trooper's July testimony of refusing water and urgent medical attention made headlines.

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