(Part-2) Buffalo beats Pittsburgh in playoffs, showing Pittsburgh it needs to improve this summer.

Strange place to be. Pittsburgh isn't horrible, but the Bills game demonstrated they're not top-tier

It started terribly for Pittsburgh. After forcing a punt, the Bills scored easily. The Bills recovered George Pickens' fumble and scored again. After Rudolph's interception into the end zone, Allen's run put Buffalo up 21-0.

This Steelers defeat was different from Sunday's Cowboys loss to the Packers, in which Dallas had Super Bowl potential but failed when it counted. The Steelers can't compete with the Bills in the playoffs. It's been an issue for years.

Possible difference: Bills have Allen, Steelers have nothing close. The Steelers must ponder that in the offseason. Kenny Pickett hasn't worked out, Mitchell Trubisky was bad when he had to play, and Rudolph's hotness is limited. But quarterback upgrades are difficult.

Steelers may also worry about Tomlin's future. His response to a postgame inquiry regarding his future fuels talk that he may resign after the season. As much as Steelers supporters hate Tomlin, replacing him would be difficult.

The Steelers recovered from a poor start. A blocked field goal gave the Steelers their first touchdown. They scored a field goal to trim Buffalo's advantage to 21-10. With 10:32 left, Rudolph's throw to Calvin Austin trimmed Buffalo's advantage to 24-17. Every Tomlin team fights hard. Shakir performed well, staying off the ground and scoring a 17-yard score to seal the game.

The Bills are one of the few teams who can win a Super Bowl, but their complacency disturbs me. After building a 21-0 lead Monday, they shouldn't have sweated, but the blocked field goal did hinder them. A week before meeting the Chiefs, linebacker Terrel Bernard was taken off with an ankle injury, which may be devastating for the Bills.

The Bills are moving forward and might win a Super Bowl despite some missteps. The Steelers remember having that kind of squad, even if they haven't been there in a while and may need a lot of effort to get there again.

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