(Part-2) Mahomes leads Chiefs to 26-7 playoff triumph over Miami in near-record low temps.

She watched from an enclosed apartment. Most fans wore parkas, ski goggles, and snow trousers, and players clustered around sideline heaters like refuge from the cold. The National Weather Service warned of “dangerously cold” Midwest weather.

The cold may have rendered Mahomes' helmet fragile enough to break a piece in the third quarter. Officials forced Mahomes grab a fresh helmet after seeing the fist-sized hole.

“We have to talk about where we store the backup,” Mahomes added. “It was frozen.”

Hill, playing in Kansas City for the first time since his previous team moved him to Miami two years ago, seemed unaffected by the weather. The league's top receiver warmed up in a short-sleeved shirt before thrashing the Chiefs' defense and All-Pro cornerback Trent McDuffie for a long touchdown midway through the first half.

However, the Dolphins' offense failed again, as it did in their November 21-14 defeat to the Chiefs in Germany.

Kansas City was more efficient, scoring on four of six first-half possessions. While consecutive drives failed in the red zone, Butker added three field goals to give Kansas City a 16-3 lead after Mahomes' TD pass to Rice. Reid: “That was like kicking a block of ice.”

The Dolphins appeared to force another field goal early in the fourth after the Chiefs notched another field goal in the third quarter. After a late call on Christian Wilkins for roughing the passer on third down, Kansas City got a new set of downs and Pacheco scored to give the Chiefs a 26-7 lead.

Later, the Dolphins put together a solid drive, but it was too late. If they failed to convert on fourth down, they would lose their 11th straight game in 40-degree weather.

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