(Part-2) Robert Kraft describes how Bill Belichick's authority made him quit.

“He always gave us the best he had,” Kraft added. Plenty of work was put in. We can all judge if he has the appropriate personnel or players. But he always gave his all. And that’s what was most important to me

Kraft described his departure from Belichick as emotional but “instinctual.” The Krafts are New England's "custodian of this asset," and the Patriots have failed in a "results business."

The Patriots have missed three of the previous four postseasons and have not won a playoff game since 2018. This season, their 4-13 record was the worst in the AFC and Belichick's tenure.

Kraft said that Belichick's succession plan won't centralize coaching and personnel authority. He said Belichick's dominance increased over time, reaching its peak after three Super Bowls.

“In my opinion, he earned it, and it worked pretty well for most of the time,” Kraft added. “We all need life checks and balances. We need ‘Dr. No’s’ to protect us from ourselves.

Sometimes people are hesitant to speak up when things change and authority grows. I mean all businesses. I like checks and balances, but once you have power, it's hard to take it away and expect responsibility.

Kraft merely said “we will try to move very quickly” when and how he would hire his new head coach and general manager.

We’re looking for someone who can help us get back to the playoffs and win,” Kraft added. “I promise to do my best to put us in the best long-term position to win for many years.

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