(Part-2) Tennessee House Republicans justify requiring tickets for over half of public gallery seats.

Some Democrats say the GOP will have more influence over who may enter the House due to its 75 Republicans and 24 Democrats.

House Minority Leader Karen Camper termed the new ticket system “horrible.”

For them to suggest Congress does it this way? Republicans have maintained they don't want to be like Congress for years, Camper said.

The shift comes months after the GOP supermajority temporarily tried to restrict signs during a brief special legislative session last summer amid heated gun control debates. Thousands of people flocked to the Capitol to witness the Tennessee Legislature respond to a Nashville Christian school massacre that killed six, including three children.

Unrest ensued when one House GOP congressman ordered a committee room vacated while several hailed the spiking of a measure and utilized their bodies, clothes, and phones to circumvent the sign prohibition.

Courts blocked the interim sign ban. After its first week of activity, the Legislature still felt tensions from the turbulent 2023 parliamentary year.

House Republicans also limited bill debate time along with ticket requirements. After the widely publicized expulsions of two Democrats last year, they've also banned “out of order” members from speaking to prevent more unrest.

Republicans were criticized last spring for dismissing Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, two young Black Democratic members who have since been reappointed and reelected, for breaching House floor rules during a gun control demonstration.

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