(Part-2) Trump defies judge, speaks on tense last day of New York civil fraud trial.

The state claimed Trump should be held liable for his malicious lies. Ask yourself: Would any of this relentless fraud have transpired over 11 years without Mr. Trump's top-down direction? In summations, state lawyer Andrew Amer offered.

Trump skipped the state's final arguments for a counter-program press conference. He said “they have no case.” In summaries, his attorneys argued so. Kise believed Trump “should get a medal” for his economic prowess rather than the “corporate death penalty.”

Although Trump's financial filings may have overstated some of his holdings, the lawyer claimed that many assets “were undervalued by substantial sums.” Long Island police investigated a "swatting incident at Engoron's home" to start the day. No problems were discovered by Nassau County police.

The phony allegation came days after a fake emergency call reported a gunshot at Trump's Washington, D.C., criminal case judge's house. Recent bogus reports at prominent figures' houses are similar.

Engoron concluded before the trial that Trump had committed years of fraud by lying about his wealth on financial records, such as stating his Trump Tower penthouse was nearly three times its size. Six conspiracy, insurance fraud, and business record falsification claims are pending. Trump's corporation and sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr. are defendants. In court for closing arguments was Eric Trump.

Last month, the judge indicated he may hold Trump and his co-defendants guilty on some allegations. The court observed, “but a lie is still a lie.” Assets can be valued differently. On Thursday, Engoron urged state attorneys to prove Trump's sons knew about the crime. “I just haven’t seen it,” the judge remarked.

Amer said the sons, as prominent executives, were responsible even if they denied misconduct. Nine times since Oct. 2, the former president has observed, testified, and complained to TV cameras about the trial.

After a 3½ hour witness stand confrontation with Engoron and state lawyers in November, he was placed under a restricted gag order for a derogatory social media remark regarding the judge's law clerk

 He appeared in court in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to hear appeals court arguments on whether he is immune from prosecution for plotting to overthrow the 2020 election, one of four criminal cases against him. Trump has denied culpability.

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