(Part-2) Warriors' crushing loss strains front office.

According to Green, "you simply must have pride in yourself as a man" in order to refuse to allow his teammate to score. Our closeouts were not firm enough. We needed faster rotations. A lack of dignity is the result. We will continue to fail unless each and every man realizes his worth and desires to put an end to the man ahead of him.

If the Warriors' defensive woes were their sole weakness, they would have still been in the hunt for a victory and a successful road trip. However, their offensive frequently resembled a kitchen floor covered in raw eggs when they weren't launching long-range bombs (10 out of 31 from deep).

Although he had 26 points, Curry also had five turnovers, which was the most in the game. Despite contributing 13 points and seven rebounds, Dario Šarić allowed the Grizzlies to get four points off his turnovers.

The team became "careless" instead of "solid," according to Kerr, who blamed poor ball handling and execution. We had a situation in the second quarter when we were in transition and a three-on-two ended up becoming a three-on-three.

We need to take stock of our current standing in the Western Conference and know how we're doing as a squad. So, we need to have our wits about us. We need to be strategic and tidy in our play. No way can we return it. Without fouling, we are unable to attain. Yes, we accomplished all of that.

The Warriors' position in the Western Conference is solidly 12th. Their defensive rating is 25th, their free throw % is 24th, their turnover percentage is 23rd, their offensive rating is 13th, and their salary expenditures are first.

Even though they play Wednesday in Utah to round up the trip and mark the midway point of the season, the Warriors are still considered outsiders in the 10-team playoff battle. It's hard to find any reason to be optimistic when they've dropped eight of their past eleven games.

Neither general manager Mike Dunleavy nor CEO Joe Lacob is about to sit back and watch as the team slowly but surely falls to the bottom of the league. "In this league, time is always urgent," Green stated. Time is of the essence; seize the chance before it passes you by. Time doesn't stand a chance in this league due to the abundance of surprises.

Once again, Golden State's numerous shortcomings were on plain exhibit in this game. Both good and bad opponents may see it. The fact that this is a problem with the Warriors and isn't going away has become clear. This roster doesn't work.

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