(Part-2) Why Patriots owner Robert Kraft should avoid Mike Vrabel

After a 6-11 season under Vrabel's watch, the Titans turned to Will Levis, a rookie quarterback whom they had acquired in a second-round trade, for backup. Levis passed for four touchdowns and four interceptions the remainder of the season, following a brilliant four-touchdown start against the Falcons.

Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk has stated her belief that Levis is a fundamental piece who may benefit from a new perspective. Like the offensive coordinators of the Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins, Ben Johnson and Frank Smith, she will probably hire a young gun to be head coach. Maybe the Patriots should have the same lack of faith in Vrabel's ability to groom the young quarterback as the Titans did.

From the perspective of bringing the organization up to date, Vrabel doesn't seem like the best pick either. Even while he used statistics to make in-game choices, he supposedly resented Tennessee's usage of them for player assessment.

Additionally, he had disagreements with the team's new general manager, Ran Carthon, which is problematic because the front office is undergoing a change and the coach and GM should be working together.

The Titans' offensive strategy, which Vrabel had centered around Derrick Henry—a one-of-a-kind power at running back—failed in the previous two seasons, when they finished worst in scoring and lost 18 of their last 24 games.

The offensive problems might be traced back to Vrabel mimicking Belichick's "I can win with any quarterback" strategy. Tannehill, formerly of the Dolphins, was benched after leading the team to 23 wins in 2020 and 2021 and receiving a $118 million extension. However, in the two seasons following, Tannehill struggled mightily, going 9-11. I have no interest in selecting a coach that would tout going with an experienced free agency instead of a top-tier quarterback in the draft.

Having said that, I can see why the Krafts would want things to stay the same, especially after Vrabel made a point of praising Foxboro at his induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame this past autumn. Still, you can't expect the same level of play after a 4-win season. The front office, the field, the quarterback position, and most importantly, the head coaching position all need to be reset.

The Pats will fulfill their commitment to Mayo and offer him the position if they desire a smooth transition. Their only option for a fresh start is to leave the company altogether, which seems quite improbable. Vrabel would be insufficient, an effort to cling to the mystique of the past when the future's enigma demands our full attention.

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