'Persistent breakout of arctic air' is causing millions of Americans to face cold weather from Dakotas to Florida part 3.

Iowa, home of the Monday caucuses, hit temperature records Sunday. At 7:30 a.m., Des Moines International Airport reported minus 18 degrees, the lowest Jan. 14 temperature since 1888. This is the lowest temperature since January 2019's minus 20.

"Many roads have drifted shut or partially shut overnight," declared the Des Moines weather office on social media Sunday. "Do yourself and the road crews a favor and do not travel!"

Daytime highs in northern Florida are expected to drop into the 40s by Wednesday, after reaching a high of around 70 degrees on Monday. According to AccuWeather, the northern three quarters of the state might experience overnight lows below freezing.

Extreme weather pounded Michigan all weekend, and now we're expecting two to six inches of snow on Sunday and four more inches on Monday night. Some parts of southern Michigan might get as much as an inch of snow.

Heavy snowfall, severe gusts, and thundersnow have hit the state since Friday. Ice from snow and cold temperatures made roads dangerous. From Friday afternoon to Saturday, the storm brought perilous conditions and hundreds of power disruptions to Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Transportation and Michigan State Police recorded scores of collisions throughout the weekend, with personnel clearing roads. National Weather Service: In northern Michigan, powerful lake bands are generating near-whiteout conditions and reduced visibility, making roads unsafe.

The authorities strongly recommend that homeowners have an emergency pack and a cell phone that is fully charged with them before they go out on the roadways.

Marshall County, Iowa, deputies and other first responders helped a mother who gave birth early Sunday in the weather. According to the sheriff's office, a woman in labor called for help soon before midnight. The snow-covered road was impassable, so deputies traveled a half-mile to the woman's home in a snowstorm.

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