Plaschke: Matthew Stafford lost the battle but wins the war in his duel with Jared Goff

Over the course of the past several years, one component of the National Football League

 that has been consistent is the fact that the quarterback duel between Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes and Buffalo's Josh Allen has been a headline game.

In the divisional round that took place in Kansas City two years ago, their teams faced each other, and Mahomes guided the Chiefs to a victory in overtime by a score of 42-36.

Mahomes completed a touchdown throw to Travis Kelce on the first drive of the extra period in that game, which Kansas City won by winning the coin toss that was used to start the extra period

It was such a sudden conclusion that it contributed to the need for a modification in the regulations.

 As part of the postseason, the National Football League (NFL) modified its overtime rules to ensure that every team had a possession.

It is the first time since the AFC Championship Game in 1993 that the Bills have hosted the Chiefs in the postseason. This year is the first time that this occasion has occurred.

Each of the previous four seasons, Buffalo has advanced to at least the divisional round, and in each of those seasons, they have won a playoff game that was played at their home stadium. On Monday, the Bills defeated Pittsburgh by a score of 31-17, despite the fact that the game was postponed for one day due to a snowfall.

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