Seven couples discuss the reasons why they like to have lights on when they are having sexual relations.

Couples often get intimate with the lights off because they're not comfortable undressing in bright lighting and feel less self-conscious in the dark. However, many like sex with lights on. Seven couples explained why:

"My wife appreciates precise touches in heated regions. Because I can see what I'm doing to her in the correct ways, I want to have sex with the lights on. Naturally, when I touch her too well, I adore seeing her enjoy herself."

"I always use protection when sexing my girlfriend. Keep the lights on to avoid condom nicks. Having sex with all the precautions is smarter. If keeping the lights on helps, I'm OK with that.

"Dark room sets the mood. I enjoy looking into my partner's eyes when we do it. I suppose it has helped us bond too much since we feel greater affection for one other."

Different folks turn on differently. I get too turned on when I can watch my lover's face while I'm doing things to him. Seeing his expression helps me know I'm doing properly."

My partner was first afraid to keep the lights on during sex due to body image concerns. And I told her I adore her heart and brains as much as her body. We both became comfortable with the lights on during our personal sessions and with one other's bodies."

"My wife says I like to see to feel rather than hear. The lights on make me more eager in bed since I can complement my wife's gorgeous and seductive appearance. When I do it, my wife feels good about her physique."

"My boyfriend and I are quite busy. We like our alone time too. Sometimes we're exhausted yet want to do it. The most helpful thing in such instances is preserving the

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