Seven women discuss the reasons why they like being single than being in a relationship.

Many think being single is a flaw, yet it's a choice. Being single, successful, or in love is fantastic too. Relationships and marriage are great. It brightens some ladies' lives and soothes others through weddings. Some women choose freedom from love and relationships. Seven women explain why they prefer solitude over companionship.

I am a 30-year-old working woman who is not ready to date. I've been in several relationships. However, I have never felt better, even at an age when society expects me to get married and have children. I used to put people before myself, but now I have more time for myself and don't feel terrible about doing things my way.

A partner is unnecessary with great friends. Over time, I've understood that relationships break our friendships. My single status gives me more ‘me’ time and allows me to get out with my pals without permission.

Relationships constantly put me on the brink, forcing me to choose between my goals and my partner. I never liked it since both were essential to me. I eventually realized my value and how my relationship was suffocating me. Being alone and independent let me focus on my objectives and dreams rather than compromising them for others.

In a relationship, you must consider both parties. Despite its familiarity, it is tiresome. After being single for a while, I've realized my value and started growing.

As a late-20s woman, people expect a lot from me. Women must fulfill these obligations, from marriage to motherhood. I've always been afraid and tortured by being alone. Singlehood has always scared me. After living every moment, I've understood that my connection with myself is the most crucial and grandest.

Choosing to be single should not be perceived as a deficit. Since society expected women to be unmarried, I always thought it was odd. I feel more free now that I'm single. Women are more capable of accomplishing their ambitions than males, but the limited mindset of the people renders us more enslaved and deprived.

After over two years of physical and emotional abuse, I had the resolve to escape. My anguish can only be understood by those who have suffered the same atrocities. Only after being in an abusive relationship can you appreciate being alone and independent. I think I became used to compromise. I'm happier now that it's finished.

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