Signs that might help you determine whether or not your friend's spouse is interested in you

Having the knowledge that a guy is making an interest in you is one thing. However, when you find out that the person who is dating your buddy is attempting to get his hands on you, things take a very other turn.

Doesn't it sound strange? If you find yourself in a position that is like to this one and are interested in learning more about it, we have compiled a list of a few indicators that you may focus on.

You and your best friend became friends in a very short amount of time. Your best friend has a pretty wonderful guy who is also your buddy.

It's fun when you hang around, but then your pal says her guy keeps mentioning you. You can't figure out why he keeps talking about you to your best buddy!

Now, your friend and you may be close. Not everyone knows what you know about each other. But you notice that your friend's partner has been paying attention to you and complementing you. This surprises you since your friend doesn't notice these small things.

Getting together with pals is fun. Especially if your friend's partner is open to your involvement. But now he's inviting you to practically all the plans, whether your friend wants you or not.

It's one thing to sometimes remark on one other's photos on social media. However, he answers to most of your Instagram stories, offers sweet comments, and sends you selfies.

He makes flirty remarks when you're hanging around, yet he claims to be friendly. You play along to avoid awkwardness with your friend, but you believe he's hitting on you.

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