Six different women discuss the impact that their marriage had on their professional lives.

Women always struggle more with work-life balance than men. We're not ignoring men's struggles. We're just emphasizing how women are always divided between home and work.

Particularly married women who continually strive to combine their marriage and career only to realize that their marriage affects their career. We invited other ladies to share their stories.

My media life was shown to his friends and family when we dated. So I assumed my career will always be valued. Right after my wedding, I was asked to take breaks for trivial domestic issues, like my career wasn't important and his was. I was supposed to stay home while my mother-in-law got unwell. Without the maid, I would work while others went about their lives. I often consider submitting my papers, but something stops me."

I've always been ambitious at work and did well. I was getting a promotion, and my spouse liked my job. However, we had to move back in with his combined family for personal reasons, making it hard for me to balance work and home. My work performance suffered, and I had to compromise on advancement."

I told my husband I couldn't cook before marriage. His mother forced me to attend cooking classes when she visited us a few months after marriage. My partner and I didn't share job obligations, as I thought. My mother-in-law taught me how my husband loved to eat, so I cook often. I work longer hours and struggle to reconcile my profession with cooking."

"My spouse (then boyfriend) and I used to say we'd always support each other's careers and assist each other attain bigger jobs. After we were married, things escalated swiftly and my marriage started to affect me mentally. Due to poor performance, I was asked to quit. But since my husband couldn't work alone, I had to take a lower-paying job to help us get by each month."

We discussed how to balance work and the baby when I got pregnant. However, he called his family and determined I would resign my work and freelance. I was informed it's the only real choice. Unlike my spouse, I am now unemployed and a stay-at-home mother."

"This epidemic cost my husband his job, leaving me the only breadwinner. I loved my job and met deadlines and everyday responsibilities successfully. But since I had to pay for our family's necessities, I stressed excessively and performed poorly at work. Although I still work, I no longer like it. It seems like I work simply to support my family."

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