Some of the indicators of an unhappy marriage include seldom bickering with each other and rarely having fun together.

Relationship phases end. Things calm down when a pair becomes comfortable. After a long marriage, love may fade. You may not remember how you got there due to its slowness. An unpleasant marriage may explain why you haven't fought or had fun.

Everyone's sex desires are different, and that's fine until you both please each other in bed. However, if you and your husband move from weekly sex to seldom, you may feel rejected or undesired. Emotional and physical closeness make a marriage romantic. Missing both makes you miserable.

You should worry if you're envisioning being married or alone again. Comparing your real and imagined marriages is acceptable. But thinking about being married to someone else means you no longer like your partner.

You spend time doing different things even if you're sitting on the same couch. This indicates that you two aren't on solid ground if it happens often.

Couples that have fun together enjoy marriage. They always do things for one other to make their marriage pleasurable. Having more disputes and having to make major sacrifices suggests you two are in a terrible place. You no longer know how to make the marriage fun.

Having disagreements in every discussion or not having any are symptoms of an unhappy marriage. You and your spouse deciding not to engage with each other because you don't think there's anything left to fight for.

Even in good relationships, arguments are inevitable. It's okay to argue with your spouse. Good listening is crucial. But if you or your partner continuously defends their choices, it's not working.

Two people focus on each other and no one else in a fresh or happy marriage. However, a miserable marriage appears to erase it. You now like someone else more than your lover. You won't say it, but you know you like someone else more than your spouse.

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