The Dolphins' and Chiefs' forecast continues to deteriorate.

It was a poor beginning for the forecast for Saturday night in Kansas City, and it has only gotten worse since then.

The temperature at the beginning of the game, as well as the possibility of wind chill, continues to decrease consistently for Dolphins-Chiefs. There is a high temperature of 8 degrees for Saturday, according to, and a low temperature of -9 degrees. 

 In accordance with the weather app on the iPhone, the temperature at the time of the kickoff is below zero. In the vicinity of 25 degrees below zero, the wind chill will be present.

The game is going to be one of the coldest games in the history of the league. As Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post pointed out, this will be the coldest game that the Dolphins have ever played in their history.

There are other Dolphins players who have committed to playing the game without sleeves.

Through Schad, Hill was quoted as saying, "Well, it's a mindset." I get the impression that if you really believe that it is going to be cold, then you are going to freeze your a** off. On the other hand, if you enter this game without even considering any of it, you will emerge victorious.

However, there comes a moment where the temperature is so low that the concept of mind over matter is rendered irrelevant. And it might be so cold that it is dangerously frigid for everyone, including players, coaches, fans, and just about anyone else.

Given that the National Football League is so worried about health and safety, this is a subject that ought to be asked. Do there exist any meteorological circumstances that make it risky to do so? Is there a certain temperature or wind chill that is considered to be unsuitable for someone to be outside in the elements?

Whether there is a minimum temperature below which a game will not be played, we have inquired with the league with this question. It ought to be the case. And to tell you the truth, there will be a game played in the future that will result in several cases of severe frostbite for viewers, players, or anybody else.

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