The media is accused of meddling in Iowa, according to Ron DeSantis. Caucuses for the premature declaration of Trump's win

Following the announcement of victory for former President Donald Trump by national media outlets before the Iowa Caucuses had even concluded, the campaign of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is expressing their displeasure.

The campaign for the presidency of Donald Trump was declared by the Associated Press and other major news agencies, including CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, less than thirty minutes after the caucuses began at seven o'clock in the evening. At that moment, the results of the race had only been published for a small number of precincts.

Due to the fact that not all caucuses had yet concluded, the DeSantis campaign asserted that the media was participating in electoral tampering.

"It is absolutely outrageous that the media would participate in election interference by calling the race before tens of thousands of Iowans even had the opportunity to vote," said Andrew Romeo, who is the director of communications for the state of Iowa. "The media is in the tank for Trump and this is the most egregious example yet."

"People are telling me phones got Fox News alerts Trump won before they even voted," he wrote on X, which was originally known as Twitter. Twitter was formerly known as X. "Justicious levels of voter suppression," the speaker said. The network in question is a cancerous threat. CNN is unnecessary when you have 'friends' like Fox News.

Beginning with the commencement of his campaign in May, DeSantis and his young family spent numerous days traveling across Iowa's cornfields and communities with only one stoplight on a tour bus.

His competitions were hosted in each of the 99 counties. In addition to taking a picture with the Butter Cow, he also played catch at the Field of Dreams, flipped pork chops at the Iowa Pork Tent, and took a picture with his family.

Additionally, he was successful in gaining the support of influential Republicans in Iowa, such as Governor Kim Reynolds and religious leader Bob Vander Plaats.

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