The six measures you need to do to break free from emotional stagnation

The human mind is a peculiar place. At times, it gives us a euphoric boost that makes us feel like we can take on the world. At other times, new habits start popping up in our life; some of them are great, but most of them make us feel trapped.

When we hit an emotional wall, we stop seeing things clearly. Anything may set it off, and once it does, it's not easy to get over. Nevertheless, getting over it is certainly doable. If you're feeling emotionally trapped, this will help.

It might be your room or a quiet place. Once you find a calm area, visit there daily for a few minutes. Start developing your inner voice in this tranquil environment. You'll learn to listen and distinguish ingredients and feelings. The causes of each feeling will be revealed at the end.

When you examine your inner voice, you'll realize that one feeling may overshadow another. Maybe you're angry yet very scared or hurt. This requires significant digging. Observe yourself for a week, then settle down for another examination.

Ask yourself, "Have I found the root cause of this emotion or am I just on the surface?" A depressed person will likely feel irritated and miserable most of the time. This is when you must uncover and identify as many emotions as possible.

Repeating the techniques above helps you grasp each emotion. Know why you're reacting and what prompts you. Without awareness of your emotions, you'll repeat the same thoughts.

After identifying your feelings, find out what caused them. This phase requires laying out your emotions. You don't have to hide them, even though you want to. The only way to overcome emotional stagnation is to face it instead of burying it.

Being emotionally trapped means recognizing your triggers and emotions. Acceptance, discovering the problem, and change are the keys to being unstuck. Individuals take different times to reach this phase. Change your life, environment, and behaviors slowly.

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