There are seven misguided assumptions and myths regarding sexuality that are entirely untrue.

Sex and intercourse knowledge is always useful, regardless of degree. We sometimes neglect or feel ashamed to ask our loved ones such things. Many parts of sex can be learnt through experience or other sources, but some can only be disclosed after the act and its terrible consequences. However, these 7 sex myths are false.

This is the most wrong sex myth that causes unintended pregnancy. Many people assume that women cannot get pregnant while on their menstruation since men's semen flows out with their menstrual blood. However, sperm may stay in the female reproductive system for over five days, so if she ovulates shortly after their period, she can get pregnant.

Men and women have distinct definitions of orgasm, but unless it's evident, they may confuse other pleasures with orgasm.

Not exactly. While timing is important in sex, men occasionally mistakenly release pre-cum, a little amount of fluid, followed by the enormous volume of semen you claim to blast out. Women can get pregnant with pre-ejaculated fluids.

Not really! Size is not everything. Sex requires intent, love, passion, and emotion. The size of the penis increases friction, but the appropriate technique, motion, and location bring pleasure. Therefore, abandon that mindset and its anxieties.

How is that possible? A woman can only get pregnant if a guy ejaculates into her reproductive system. Since the mouth isn't a reproductive organ, oral sex can't cause pregnancy.

People, especially women, think guys are always eager for sex, which is false. Men may have a larger sex drive than women, but they may not always be ready for a ride.

We frown on older people having sex. People think sex is reserved for kids and are disgusted by it with seniors. They may be elderly and weaker than us, but they still want pleasure.

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