Those persons who really must use extreme caution when ingesting guava

The tropical fruit guava is tasty and healthful. Its low calories and high fiber content make it a great nutritious food. The fruit tastes great raw, in chutney, jam, or cooked. Health benefits of guava fruit and leaves

Guava leaf extracts may improve heart, stomach, and immunity, according to research. This fruit contains several components that are not suitable for everyone, especially those with certain health issues.

Guavas are high in vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants. Guava has 112 calories and 23 grams of carbs per serving. Guava has almost 9 grams of fiber and no starch. Chopped guava has 1.6 grams of fat but 4 grams of protein per cup.

Vitamin C and sugar abound in guava. High doses of either might cause bloating. Due to its water-soluble nature, vitamin C excess typically causes bloating. Same for fructose. Fructose malabsorption affects 40% of persons. This causes bloating because natural sugar remains in the stomach instead of being absorbed. Even eating guava and falling asleep might induce bloating.

Fiber-rich guava aids digestion and constipation. But too much guava might upset your digestive tract, especially if you have IBS. Also caused by fructose malabsorption. Thus, minimal eating is crucial.

Diabetes patients choose guava due to its low glycemic index. Including this fruit in your diet requires regular blood sugar monitoring. 100 grams sliced guava has 9 grams natural sugar. Eating too much can raise blood sugar. Moderate eating is excellent.

One serving of guava per day is safe. Taking more may be risky. To recharge, eat the fruit between meals or before or after an exercise. Avoid eating fruit at night to avoid colds and coughs.

The data that is currently available on the use and advantages of extracts of guava leaves is minimal. To arrive at any kind of conclusion, further investigation is required. Talk to your primary care physician before including it into your diet.

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