To my younger self, I would want to say the following things about love, dating, and relationships:

My life has been shaped by love, dating, and tragedy. In my late 20s, I know more about all three topics, thus I'd like to teach my younger self. My own experiences may assist other young individuals coping with love, dating, and heartbreak.

You may think you adore yourself, so this seems insane. There will be times when you mistrust that emotion and don't love yourself enough. The sensation might be so strong that you may struggle to love others. So love yourself first and foremost.

Most of the time, individuals shape our tastes. If you disagree with such decisions, don't let them affect you. Not great: peer pressure! It may absorb you and make you someone else. So take your time discovering who you are.

The characters in novels and movies will eventually try to convince you that they show reality. You'll be disappointed if that doesn't happen. Don't judge love by words or on TV. Love is much more. You'll know what it should be like when you feel it.

You may have seen or heard individuals describe heartbreak as painful. You may think nobody can hurt your heart if you're unmarried for a long time. Guess what! You can't avoid love or heartache. They hurt a lot, but each one makes you stronger. Yes, there will be many, so buckle up.

Dated someone? Went poorly? Can't go on after breaking up? None of that gives you the right to pretend that being with someone else quickly after a breakup makes moving on simple. It doesn't. This will simply upset your feelings. Let yourself grieve, feel your feelings, and then start over.

Many individuals will come and leave. You may even be trusted with their secrets. If they leave you, don't divulge their secrets. You earned their faith. Kindly keep your secrets to yourself.

It's terrible to think someone else is lovely when you're not. Neither are they or you perfect. Accepting that everyone has defects early will make life simpler.

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