Uncommon Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $10 Million USD: Six More Worth More Than $600,000 Bicentennial Quarters

Some quarters stand out due to their extreme rarity and tremendous worth in the coin collecting world, which is full of surprises and riches. In this domain, the 1976-released Bicentennial Quarter, which commemorates two centuries of American freedom, is particularly noteworthy.

Although the majority of these quarters are only worth their face value, a handful of extremely rare examples have sold for exorbitant sums at auction. Featuring six different quarters with values of over $600,000 apiece, this listicle explores the intriguing characteristics of the rarest Bicentennial Quarter, which is worth approximately $10 million USD.

A rare and valuable Bicentennial Quarter sold for over $10 million USD shocked the numismatic community. This rare batch quarter has unique minting mistakes and historical importance. A double strike and minting error made it rare. Collectors and historians admire this quarter for its American history and craftsmanship as well as its value.

A cherished property for any collector, the 1932-S Washington Quarter is valued at over $600,000. Due to its limited mintage, this San Francisco quarter is uncommon. This quarter has one of the lowest mintages in the 20th century with 408,000 pieces. Its introduction during the Great Depression, when coin manufacture was low, boosts its value.

Like the San Francisco quarter, the 1932-D Washington Quarter is rare and worth over $600,000. Denver-minted, this quarter had a lesser mintage than the 1932-S at 436,800 pieces. Its rarity and historic significance as part of the original Washington quarter series make it valuable.

The 1796 Draped Bust Quarter is an 18th-century antique. This quarter is popular for its antiquity, historical significance, and rarity, worth about $600,000. One of the earliest quarters produced by the US Mint, its design exemplifies the era's creativity. With only a few thousand pieces estimated to have been made, its rarity is clear.

The 1804 Draped Bust Quarter, worth over $600,000, is another early US Mint masterpiece. Due of its restricted production and historical significance, it is rare. Collectors love this quarter for its distinctive appearance and peek into early US monetary history.

The 1823/2 Capped Bust Quarter, worth over $600,000, is intriguing because to its overdate error—a 3 over 2. This mistake and its low mintage make it uncommon. Collectors and historians like the quarter's design, which features the renowned Capped Bust.

Finally, the 1870-CC Liberty Seated Quarter is worth over $600,000. This Carson City Mint quarter is unusual because to its low production numbers and the mint's limited history. Its elaborate design and historical significance make it desirable to collectors.

Rare quarters reveal American history, art, and economy. The Bicentennial Quarter, costing approximately $10 million USD, and the six other quarters, worth over $600,000 each, are emblems of rich legacy. They remind us of the fascinating stories woven within the nation's coinage, attracting collectors and historians. More than cash, these quarters are historical gems waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

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