While injuries mount, the Steelers play the game.

The Bills are now trailing Pittsburgh by a score of 24-17 with ten minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

The game appeared to be a blowout early on, but Pittsburgh has quietly and methodically battled its way back into the game.

Injuries have befallen the Bills' defense, including linebacker Terrel Bernard, who is unable to play due to an ankle injury, and cornerback Taron Johnson,

who went to the locker room in the fourth quarter. Both of these injuries have caused the defense to suffer a devastating blow.

On the other hand, the Steelers have also seen their fair share of injuries. Joey Porter Jr. seemed to have suffered a concussion after being struck from behind. 

 Similar to Porter, Steelers receiver Allen Robinson went to the locker room to get checked for a concussion immediately after Porter took the field.

Within the next six days, neither of these clubs will be in a position to compete in a playoff game that is part of the divisional round

This is a game that is being battled until the very end, and it is also being contested into the fourth quarter.

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